Bonnie Calhoun, director, Christian Fiction Blog Alliance:

“Jeane Wynn is a media miracle! Her attention to detail is exquisite, making my job of scheduling blog tours all that much easier. She maintains a total command of publishing industry knowledge and is ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding marketing elements for successful media campaigns. I enthusiastically recommend Wynn-Wynn Media for your best publicity results!”

Melody Carlson, award-winning author of more than 150 books:

“Working with Jeane and Wynn-Wynn Media has been a pure delight! Not only does Jeane get to know my books, she gets to know me, and as a result she does a great job in matching me up with the right media resources. I appreciate her professionalism as much as I appreciate the personal touch she brings to publicity.”

Bob Crittenden, The Meeting House, Faith Broadcasting, Montgomery, Ala.:

“I rely on Jeane Wynn and Wynn-Wynn Media for guests for my program, The Meeting House, on Faith Broadcasting. She has consistently delivered quality Christian authors who could be described as well-prepared, spiritually astute, and creative. Plus, she makes sure that I am a well-prepared interviewer by providing comprehensive press materials and review copies of various books.

“Now, how about that ‘fiction’ thing? A majority of Jeane’s clients are fiction writers, and she tells me some radio types do not interview fiction authors. For me, I have found that such ‘storytellers’ can make great guests because of their ability to communicate the messages of their stories and the heart behind them.”

Lynne Ford, mid-morning producer/host, The WBCL Radio Network, Fort Wayne, Ind.:

“I trust Jeane Wynn. She represents authors whose writings spring from a faith rooted in The Truth. Jeane is a talk show producer and host’s dream, handling requests with efficiency and speed (a must!), and providing sharp interview materials. She’s my favorite publicist!”

Liz Curtis Higgs, best-selling author of Whence Came a Prince (2006 Christy Award Winner) and Here Burns My Candle:

“What a blessing it is to have Wynn-Wynn Media handle the publicity for both my fiction and nonfiction projects. Jeane truly understands the power of fiction, and so promoted my Scottish historical novels with heartfelt sincerity and professional expertise—a rare and winning combination. For my nonfiction, she found creative ways to package and promote each title, hearing my heart for ministry and never losing sight of why we do what we do. Whatever the project, I highly recommend Wynn-Wynn Media.”

Sharon Hinck, award-winning author:

“Wynn-Wynn Media provided me with top-notch connections, the wealth of their experience, and comprehensive support for my book’s release. But more than that, they gave me personal encouragement and heartfelt enthusiasm. They take on projects they believe it, and their integrity and responsiveness was a blessing to me throughout the project.”

Donna Kehoe, executive director, The Christy Awards:

“Jeane and Tyson Wynn bring an extensive set of complementary skills to the promotion of the Christy Awards, including not only a thorough knowledge of venues and contacts but also—and most importantly—a passion for fiction, the people involved in writing and publishing a novel, and the readership. Their partnership with the Christys is a key component of the growth of these awards.”

Rel Mollet, Relz Reviewz:

“In the world of publicists, Jeane Wynn of Wynn-Wynn Media is unique. A consummate professional who displays contagious enthusiasm and unwavering support of her clients, Jeane is innovative, proactive, and available. The extra mile is never too far for Jeane and I have found it both a privilege and pleasure to work with her. I have no hesitation in recommending Wynn-Wynn Media for those who want the perfect mix of expertise and individual attention.”

Lisa Samson, Christy Award-winning author:

Attention to detail and the personal touch are the hallmarks of Wynn-Wynn Media. Your calls will be returned and your emails will be answered. Always.”

David Thomas, therapist, speaker, and coauthor of Yup. Nope. Maybe. and Does this Dress Make me Look Fat?:

“I have great respect and appreciation for Wynn-Wynn Media. They are passionate, professional, easy to relate to, intentional, and excellent at what they do. I’d work with them again in a minute!”